The 9th International Energy Conference REMOO      |     16-18 April 2019     |     HONG KONG


Hong Kong has lot of things to DO, lot of attractions to SEE, and lot of stuff to TASTE !!!

Meaning “touch the heart” in Chinese,

Egg Waffle is a highly popular sweet fast

Pineapple Bread is a sweet bread


Victoria Harbor and Symphony of Lights

The establishment of Hong Kong as it exists

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Dim Sum

Eggette (Egg Waffle)

Pineapple Bread

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Must SEE in Hong Kong!

Must TASTE in Hong Kong!


Nan Lian Garden

As oasis of green in urban Kowloon

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Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple is Hong Kong’s.

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This quaint village is located on the

Tai O - Traditional Fishing Village

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Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Po Lin Monastery was an obscure

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today can be credited to the spectacular

natural harbor, Victoria Harbor, which lies

between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Peninsula. It is China's largest harbor and the

3rd largest in the world.

The Symphony of Lights which is confirmed as

world’s largest permanent light and sound

show is one of the most popular attraction in

Hong Kong. This stunning show is organized by

Hong Kong Tourism Board and it is displayed

every night starting at 20:00. Together with the

lights, pyrotechnic fireworks, an orchestration

of music and the sound show also start and it

turns out to be an unforgettable visual feast.

most famous Taoist temple, famed for

the many prayers answered “What you

request is what you get”. It is a very

colourful temple and exemplifies the

architecture of a traditional Chinese

style with guarding lions at the entrance,

the pagoda style roofs, incense urns,

plenty of lanterns and beautifully

decorated pillars.

According to the legend, Wong Tai Sin

Temple was a humble shepherd who was

taught by an immortal when he was 15

to make a herbal potion which could

cure all illness and help you stay healthy.

setting, the Hong Kong Park is colourful

and scenic place with a tranquil and

serene atmosphere. Nan Lian Garden is

a Tang-style landscaped Chinese garden

of classical elegance based on the

blueprint of the famous Jiangshouju

Garden in Shanxi Province. Among

attractions of the Nan Lian Gardenis is

certainly the Pavilion of Absolute

Perfection ("Golden Pavilion") and Zi Wu


The garden was created to provide a

serene and peaceful place to escape the

bus city just outside the walls.

retreat hidden among the mountain top

vegetation on Lantau Island, Ngong Ping,

until the Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha

was erected. The huge figure is 34 meters

high (and that's in addition to the fact that

it already towers over the city from the

mountain top); and is made of bronze. The

statue faces north and the inclination of

its head with the eyes looking down gives

the impression that the figure is really

looking down on the people below. It is the

largest Buddha of this kind in the world.

The Po Lin Monastery lies opposite the

statue and is an important sanctum for

Buddhist monks. The monastery was

founded in 1906 and in 1924 established

under its present name.

oast of Hong Kong's largest island,

Lantau Island. The small village is

framed by a backdrop of mountains. Tai

O is a traditional fishing village

inhabited by the Tanka people,

fishermen by trade who live in unique

homes along the water's edge. The Tanka

houses are constructed on stilts and are

interconnected. This is one of the few

remaining examples of this type of

traditional Chinese home in the Hong

Kong area. This intimate living

arrangement creates a tight knit

community. The Tanks have a deep

connection with the water, not only do

they make their living from fishing but

their homes are literally above the water.

this most popular meal in Hong Kong

offer a wide variety and everyone can

find their own taste. When you go to a

Dim Sum restaurant, you are offered

more than dozens of kinds and you pick

your favourites. Dim Sum are definitely

the perfect choice to get the taste of

Hong Kong!

food in Hong Kong. Its shape is a bit

unique. Actually eating this bubbly waffle

is fun and the taste is really worth it. As

it is categorized as street snack, you can

find it anywhere in the streets and try this

great taste. It is often preferred plain but

you can also try it with chocolate, fruits

or flavours.

originating in Hong Kong, very popular, and

found in nearly every bakery. The surface of

the bread looks a pineapple, hence the

name, but the traditional variety doesn't

actually contain pineapple. A mixture of

sugar, eggs, flour, and lard form a crisp

surface with soft bread underneath,  and

it's best eaten when hot.


Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market, as it name

Hong Kong consists of 260 islands and it

Hire a Junk

Look down from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the most popular

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Must DO in Hong Kong!


A tram system in Hong Kong is one of the

Take a ride by “Ding Ding”


Victoria Harbour is a natural

Crossing Victoria Harbour


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Tung Choi Street is a street situated

Tung Choi Street Market


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suggests, is a night time activity for you

while you are in Hong Kong. It is the

busiest flea market in the city and have

numerous things to offer. This street

bazaar not only offers you many things to

buy cheaply but it is also a festival area

where the visitors can enjoy various

shows. What you can find in Temple Street

Night Market is limitless. Among the usual

wares on offer you can get your fortune

told, consult with a Feng Shui expert, visit

the market herbalist who practice

traditional Chinese medicine and even see

street performers singing Cantonese

opera. The market has many eateries and

bars as well as canteens selling local


is actually an archipelago. So, the

coastlines and the virgin coves can be

only seen among the scattered islets.

Getting on a junk and taking a trip in the

sea will offer you another perspective of

Hong Kong. If you never see their rugged

coastlines or deserted coves, and if you

are never buffeted by the salty sea wind

as it blows full pelt across a surging

prow, then you will not know very much

of Hong Kong at all. Junks are the

traditional Chinese fishing boats and

now used for the touristic trips.  Load a

picnic and a cool-box of beer and wine,

and set off through the scattered islets.

Drop anchor somewhere remote and dive

off the deck for a swim.

tourist attraction in Hong Kong that

offers a jaw-dropping view of the city.

Having 552 meters of elevation,

Victoria Peak is considered as the

top of the city. The Peak incorporates

a tram, Peak Tower, sky terrace,

gardens, restaurants and shopping

places. The Sky Terrace 428 stands at

428 meters above the sea level and

presents panoramic views of this

restless city. Victoria Peak is

definitely the ultimate place where

you can inhale the spirit of Hong

Kong deeply. The Peak Tower is

located at Victoria Gap and when

you get on the Peak Tram, it bring you

up from the St. John's Cathedral.

between south of Sai Yeung Choi

Street and Fa Yuen Street in Mong

Kok, Kowloon. It is one of the most

well-known street markets in Hong


Its southern section is popularly

known as Ladies' Market or Ladies'

Street. Lan Kwai Fong is a small

square of streets in Central, Hong

Kong. It is now a popular expatriate

haunt in Hong Kong for drinking,

clubbing and dining.

earliest forms of public transport in the

metropolis, dating back to the city's

colonial period and is the only one in the

world operated exclusively with double

-decker trams.

Trams in Hong Kong operate for over 110

years, are a major tourist attraction.

Everybody in Hong Kong calls the tram

“Ding Ding”. Travelling by Ding Ding, one

can enjoy the fantastic views of the lively

street and have a wonderful opportunity

to experience the real Hong Kong life.

landform harbour situated between

Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in

Hong Kong.

The harbour is a major tourist

attraction of Hong Kong.

The Star Ferry service, founded in

1888, operates two lines across

Victoria Harbour and provides scenic

views of Hong Kong's skyline. Hong

Kong is famous for its junks traversing

the harbour, and small kai-to ferries

that serve remote coastal settlements.

Aberdeen Fishing Village

The picturesque Aberdeen Fishing Village


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is not far from the hustle and bustle of the

heart of Hong Kong, but seems like light

-years away from it all, at first look. Here,

you could see rows upon rows of the old

-fashioned junks and sampans, some

house boats where the fishermen and their

families still live…you can get a sense for

what things were like long ago and how

modern life is catching up the old

traditions, which stubbornly co-exist with

contemporary amenities.

A sampan ride through the harbour is a

great way to see Aberdeen in action. The

rides are around 25-30 minutes long and

they zip you from the docks in the

Aberdeen Promenade for a closer look to

the floating village.

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay, located in the



Avenue of the Stars

The Avenue of Stars pays tribute to the



Kowloon Walled City Park

Kowloon Walled City Park, also



names hat make Hong Kong the “Hollywood

of the East”, giving visitors a panoramic view

of the city’s most iconic sight: its glorious

skyline, dramatically set against the Peak.

With commemorative plaques, celebrity

handprints, descriptive milestones, movie

memorabilia, a life-size statue of Kungfu

action hero Bruce Lee, the Avenue of Stars

fittingly sets the glamour of Hong Kong’s film

industry against the captivating dazzle of

Victoria Harbor.

It is a great place to unwind after a day of

sightseeing, just sit outside and relax, grab a

bit, people watch, enjoy the sweeping views.

Jiulongzhaicheng Park, sits on the very site

of the former Kowloon Walled City. This

attractive park was the site of a Chinese

garrison in the 19th Century. In 1987, the

Hong Kong government announced plans

to demolish the Walled City and later it

became a park.

The park's design is modelled on Jiangnan

gardens of the early Qing Dynasty. It is

divided into eight landscape features, with

the fully restored yamen as its centerpiece.

The park's paths and pavilions are named

after streets and buildings in the Walled


southern part of Hong Kong Island,

is the most spectacular bay in the


The crescent-shaped white sand

beach stretches along with clear

azure blue water gently lapping the

seashore. It will offer you a more

upscale beach resort experience

in Hong Kong.

Apart from swimming and

sunbathing, there are some

restaurants and barbeque sites at

the back of the beach, very


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at Lantau Island and is approximately

entertainment facilities, as well as

Hotel, and several retail, dining,

Opened in 1997, it is a marine-life theme

Ocean Park

park featuring animal exhibits, thrill rides

and shows. Ocean Park is, together with

Hong Kong Disneyland, one of the two

large theme parks in Hong Kong.

It is divided into two main attractions

areas: the Waterfront and the Summit,

which can be further divided into eight

different attraction zones: Amazing Asian

Animals, Aqua City, Whisker Harbor,

Marine World, Polar Adventure, Adventure

Land, Thrill Mountain and the Rainforest.

It is the paradise for all ages.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland is the first theme

park and is the fifth Magic Kingdom-

style park. It is located at Penny’ Bay

two kilometres far from Discovery Bay.

The resort contains also the Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Hollywood

Toy Story Land.

seven themed areas: Main Street, USA,

Fantasyland, Adventure- and Tomorrow-

land, Grizzly Gulch, Pystic Point and


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Trip to Macao

Macao, a former Portuguese enclave, is

an astounding mixture of colonial charm,

Chinese zest and glitzy casinos, just a

short one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong.

With convenient sailings every 15 minutes

throughout the day, it is one of the most

popular Hong Kong day trips.

It offers something different, whether it is

some enticing Portuguese and Macanese

cooking, striking colonial architecture, a

UNESCO World Heritage city center, a hand

at the baccarat tables or stint at the slot

machines ... it is well worth the trek.

map - what to


Copyright:Wu Bingfeng

This is why we have prepared a map to help you where some of them are located.

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