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The 8th International ENERGY Conference & Workshop - REMOO, 29-31 May 2018, VENICE / ITALY

24 November 2017:

Deadline for Sign-In to participate in the Blind Test Workshop (BTW)

Deadline for registration payment for the Conference and for the BTW Fees

22 December 2017:

Dates to Remember

08 December 2017:

Submission deadline for Registration Forms of Participants

29-31 May 2018:

The 8th International Conference & Workshop REMOO-2018 with BTW

19 January 2018:

Data necessary for BTW calculations delivered

23 March 2018:

Deadline for submission of calculation results

Participants in the optional Blind Test Calculation Workshop (BTW) must also be registered for the Conference, either as the Author (if also submitting the conference paper) or as the Participant of the Conference.
It is not possible to register only for the BTW.

The BTW Registration Fee covers and undergoes rules as written for the Conference.

Discounted Registration Fees for the BTW are not available.

Blind Test Workshop Additional Registration Fee

Important Deadlines:



Abstract Acceptance

Abstract and Sign-In


for BTW Submission

Submission of Authors’ &

BTW Registration Form


Tel: +49 9131 9179614

Fax: +49 9131 9262618

Conference Registration Form has to be used for optional registration for the BTW.

In addition to the Conference Registration Fee, the BTW participant has to pay extra 90,00 EUR, which is the BTW additional Registration Fee.

Additionally, the BTW Registration Fee includes getting all necessary data for calculations, review and judging of calculated results by the Expert Committee, as well as getting specified measured data of the calculated transient after the BTW.

The Expert Committee will soon prepare description of test geometry as well as initial and boundary conditions for a set of experimentally measured data during single-phase and two-phase flow in transient, which has to be calculated.

Blind Test Workshop Task



Geometry of test section and internal structure of the heaters;


Materials specifications (specific heat, density and thermal conductivity, as well as thermal capacity) of the heaters and their dependency on temperature;


Elevations of spacers and thermocouples (for which locations the calculated parameters will be asked) as well as the layout of power units / heaters;


Radial and axial power distribution within the test section;


Spatial locations of heaters’ sections mounted with thermocouples;


Measured variation of inlet and boundary conditions (power generation, as well as mass flow rate, pressure and enthalpy at the inlet of the test section) during simulated transient.

All data necessary  to perform calculation of the transient for the BTW will be given in a file to download and it will contain:


Submitted calculation results will be compared with measured data and the comparisons will be announced and commented fully anonymously by the Expert Committee at the conference during a special BTW Session, so that only the author will know his own results, comparisons and comments.

Each participant will receive a Certificate and the best simulation will be awarded by a Trophy

Participants are free to select the calculation programmes and tools.

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